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Who we are

Young Vision is a music organisation from Belgium mostly focused
on HipHop & Techno.
Originated from youth centers in Flanders, 2 young ambitious artists
decided to sharpen the vision of this generation.

Creating & sharing your music as an artist is not always an easy
task, fortunately enough we provide several recording studio’s
across the country for new upcoming artists who want to take their
craft to the next level. We always love to make sure our guests can
leave the booth’ with a pleasant & productive experience.

Being Young, Wild & Free also means we have to be able to release
our energy & let go of our stress on weekends. This is why we
decided that with creating music, comes enjoying this music. On
regular basis, you are free to come along & enjoy the events
we created to celebrate life & praise the lord.

In our daily lives we very often express the way we feel through our
clothing. With the production of our clothing we want to connect
as one force within this society.

Stay tuned for the following activities, & keep your vision young!


CLUSTER Nightlife Festival

16 Februari 2024


13 Oktober 2023

NIGHTVISION Oemtata Ertvelde

9 September 2022

We zijn momenteel bezig met de shop zo snel mogelijk online te brengen! Stay tuned.